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BlackBerry Apps

Katy Perry using a BlackBerry phone

This is the only collection of new BlackBerry OS apps. They don't work on BB10 and are unsigned as BlackBerry no longer provides signing keys.

If the phone is connected to the Internet, download the .jad file. Otherwise, use a PC to download the .jad and .cod to an SD card, then open the .jad on the phone. To view source code, download the .txt file.

California Gurls 2.0

Shoot gummy bears with whipped cream. Not endorsed by Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg or Capitol Records

Changes: sound, high scores, timer, bug fix

.jad (recommended) .cod .txt

MobiScript 1.0

Write text and HTML files

.jad (recommended) .cod .txt

NumGen 2.0

Generate numbers between two values

Changes: option to not repeat numbers

.jad (recommended) .cod .txt

World Clock 1.0

View the time in any country

.jad (recommended) .cod .txt

Released under the Content Licence