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BlackBerry EScreen Calculator

The BlackBerry OS Engineering Screen shows advanced info and settings, and is used to unlock the phone. You can open it in three steps.

1. Open the 'Help Me!' screen as follows.

QWERTY keyboard: Press Alt + Right Shift + H

Touchscreen: Hold the escape/back key and tap the top left, top right, top left and top right corners sequentially

SureType keyboard (Pearl): Hold Alt and type RACE

2. Complete this form. Your browser must support basic JavaScript.

Put a space between the number and brackets, eg (463)

Use lowercase letters and no spaces

Don't type 'secs'

Choose how many days the EScreen will be available

Your key is:

3. Enter your key - you won't see what you type. Press Alt before digits on QWERTY devices or use multitap on SureType devices.

4. After closing the EScreen, you can reopen it within the key duration by following Step 1.