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Restoring Flash Player

This is a guide to restoring Adobe Flash Player after its end of support. Note that Flash has many security flaws.

Firefox - Windows, Linux, macOS

Download the Flash Player 2022 add-on here.

Internet Explorer - Windows

If you have Flash and Internet Explorer on Windows 7 or older, you can create a whitelist of Flash sites.

1. Create a file named mms.cfg in Notepad and save it on the desktop. Select UTF-8 encoding.

2. Enter the following:




3. Enter AllowListUrlPattern= on a new line followed by a URL. For example, AllowListUrlPattern=

4. Repeat this on a new line to whitelist another URL.

5. Save the file then copy and paste to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\

6. Click 'Copy and Replace' then 'Continue'.

7. Close and reopen IE if open then visit a site in the whitelist. Don't upgrade your Windows version!

FlashFox - Android

Download the FlashFox browser here or from Google Play.

Note: FlashFox contains banner ads and is based on an old Firefox version.